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Cross-Sectional Data That Explore the Relationship Between Outpatients’ Quality of Life and Preferences for Quality Improvement in Oncology Settings

Author: Elizabeth A. Fradgley, Jamie Bryant, PhD, Christine L. Paul, PhD, Alix E. Hall, PhD, Robert W. Sanson-Fisher, PhD, and Christopher Oldmeadow, PhD

Published in the Journal of Oncology Practice

Published online ahead of print on May 24, 2016


Purpose: This cross-sectional study assessed the association between oncology outpatients’ quality improvement preferences and health-related quality of life (HRQoL). Implementation of specific initiatives preferred by patients with lower HRQoL may be a strategic approach to enhancing care for potentially vulnerable patients.

Methods: English-speaking adults were recruited from five outpatient chemotherapy clinics located in New South Wales, Australia. Using touch screen devices, participants selected up to 25 initiatives that would improve their experiences and completed the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-General (FACT-G) survey. The logistic odds of selecting an initiative according to FACT-G scores were calculated to determine whether preferences were associated with HRQoL after controlling for potential confounders.

Results: Of the 411 eligible outpatients approached to participate, 263 (64%) completed surveys. Commonly selected initiatives were up-to-date information on treatment and condition progress (19.8%), access to or information on financial assistance (18.3%), and reduced clinic wait times (17.5%). For those with relatively lower FACT-G scores, the adjusted odds of selecting five initiatives illustrated an increasing trend: convenient appointment scheduling systems (+23% [P = .002]), reduced wait times (+15% [P = .01]), information on medical emergencies (+14% [P = .04]), access to or information on financial assistance (+15% [P = .009]), help to maintain daily living activities (+18% [P = .007]).

Conclusion: Two areas of improvement were commonly selected: easily accessible health services and information and support for self-management. Although the results suggest an association between a few quality improvement preferences and HRQoL, a wider spectrum of patient characteristics must be considered when targeting quality improvement to patient subgroups.


2016 Annual General Meeting Update:

On April 29, 2016 we hosted our 6th Annual General Meeting at Oro Restaurant in Toronto, Ontario. It was a great evening with 65 Women in Cancer and All in Cancer members in attendance. The theme of the evening was a discussion on physician burnout and resiliency. We had some great networking and discussion around the topic.

For the evening we welcomed our keynote speaker Dr. Lidia Schapira, Assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Schapira gave a great talk on maintaining work-life balance while pursuing a medical career. Her talk was filled with meaningful and funny anecdotes. These were the top 12 take away points we had from the evening:

1. Have acceptance in your short comings.

2. Find a mentor and have continual engagement with your mentor.

3. Use self-reflection as a tool to improve yourself.

4. Have a personal moral compass to guide your decisions.

5. Take time for yourself.

6. Be optimistic.

7. It’s okay to drop the ball.

8. Talk about your problems.

9. Remember that everybody feels the pressures of everyday life.

10. Associate with people and have friends outside of your work environment.

11. Exercise.

12. Have fun.

WinC/AlinC members mingling before dinner.

WinC/AlinC members seated for dinner.

Dr. Lidia Schapira speaking about how to maintain work-life balance while pursuing a medical career.

WinC and AlinC members having thoughtful discussion.

Some of the 2016-2020 Women in Cancer and All in Cancer Board Members.

Dr. Christine Simmons (center) with the past and present Women in Cancer/ All in Cancer Project Managers.

At the AGM we also announced our new 2016-2020 Board of Directors for Women in Cancer and All in Cancer:

Chair: Christine Simmons

Co-Chair: Caroline Chung

Secretary/Treasurer: Martina Trinkhaus

Director of Communications: Rachel Adilman

Director of Student and Resident Affairs: Madiha Naseem

Resident Representative: Jeffrey Graham

Fellow/ Junior Staff Representative: Kasia Jerzak

Executive Director: Scott Dowden

Executive Director: Zia Poonja

Executive Director: Susan Dent

Stay tuned for our June Newsletter to “Meet Our Board of Directors”!

Upcoming Events

ASCO Annual Meeting: Collective Wisdom
June 3-7, 2016 in Chicago, Illinois

Qualitative Research Methods: A Hands on Method
September 8, 2016 in San Francisco, California

ESMO 2016 Congress
October 7-11, 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Synergy 2016: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Interventional Oncology
November 3-6, 2016 in Miami Beach, Florida


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