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When the Air Hits your Brain,

by Dr. Frank Vertosick is considered a must read for all physicians and medical trainees. This memoir details the joys and heartaches of neurosurgery, using humor and a lighthearted tone.


Perceptions and experiences of a gender gap at a Canadian research institute and potential strategies to mitigate this gap: a sequential mixed-methods study

Alekhya Mascarenhas, MPH, Julia E. Moore, PhD, MSc, Andrea C. Tricco, PhD, MSc, Jemila Hamid, PhD, MSc, Caitlin Daly, MSc, Julie Bain, BSc, Sabrina Jassemi, BSc, Tara Kiran, MD, MSc, Nancy Baxter, MD, PhD, Sharon E. Straus, MD, MSc

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CAMO 2017 Annual Scientific Meeting
April 27th, 2017
Toronto, Ontario

1st Oncological Critical Care Research Network International Conference
May 10-11th, 2017
Houston, Texas

2017 ASCO Annual Meeting
June 2-6th, 2017
Chicago, Illinois

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