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Oncologist in the Hot Seat

Thank you all for submitting the questions you had for Dr. Daniel Rayson.

Look out for the Oncologist in the Hot Seat interview with Dr. Daniel Rayson in April!

Oncologist in the Hot Seat is a WinC/AlinC segment that asks member questions to experienced oncologist. We are looking for the next Oncologist in the Hot Seat. If you are up for an interview please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Nominate a Mentor for Mentor of the Month

We need new mentors for the Mentor of the Month segment

  • Know a friend/colleague/leader that has been a great mentor in your career?
  • Nominate them for Mentor of the Month
  • Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the name of the person you would like to nominate and a small statement discussing how they have been a mentor to you
  • We will include your nomination in the next monthly newsletter!

What’s new with WinC/AlinC

A more inclusive vision statement:

Connecting today, leading tomorrow: Women in Cancer/ All in Cancer is committed to advancing cancer care by encouraging the growth, leadership, and connectivity of current and future oncologists, oncologists-in-training, and medical science researchers.

What has changed?

Women in Cancer and All in Cancer are now open to medical science researchers and research assistants! If you know anyone who you believe will benefit from the networking and mentorship opportunities that WinC/AlinC provides please encourage them to join at or

No 2018 General Meeting

Thank you all for continuing to attend the annual general meeting. The AGM has been well received by members over the years. The gathering continues to facilitate strong networking and mentorship among attendees. WinC/AlinC understands the importance of a great AGM, and we look forward to the next AGM in 2019!

Doctors judge female surgeons more harshly when patients die

Mentoring Women Is Not About Trying to "Rescue" Them

"Any mentoring program for women must address organizational and cultural change. Sure, strong mentorships may help women to overcome individual challenges with the existing organizational hierarchy and power dynamics. However, unless mentors also target the workplace status quo, biases and stereotypes will continue to reinforce gender inequities."

Mentoring Matters: Mentoring and Career Preparation in Internal Medicine Residency Training

J Gen Intern Med. 2006 Apr; 21(4): 340–345.
doi: 10.1111/j.1525-1497.2006.00346.x

"The majority of mentored residents described benefits from the relationship, with 70% of residents describing a meaningful impact on professional development and 57% describing a beneficial effect on personal development. The residents also described receiving helpful advice on career decisions (61%), clinical work (61%), and research (38%), with a smaller percentage describing assistance finding a position after residency (32%) or guidance when facing disappointment or failure (25%)."

Book Recommendation

Effective Medical Leadership

By Bryce Taylor

"The modern hospital represents a complex community in which life and death decisions are made on the front lines of patient care, and difficult operational and strategic initiatives are developed in the offices of institutional leaders. This book describes the unusual position of a medical leader in an organization often administered by non-medical managers."

Upcoming Events

As networking and mentorship are invaluable to medicine and advancements in the field of oncology, All in Cancer (AlinC) and Women in Cancer (WinC) were developed to improve mentorship connections, provide leadership skills resources, and improve collaboration amongst oncologists through a secure online networking platform.

Join the discussion on the AlinC or WinC Discussion Forum today.

Encourage your colleagues to join the largest online networking forum for medical, radiation, surgical, and hematological oncologists and trainees in Canada.

Visit or for more information.

Happy networking!

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