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Book Recommendation

Intern: A Doctor’s Initiation

Author: Sandeep Jauhar

"Dr. Jauhar enters his new profession determined to avoid what he calls "cookbook medicine" and eager to find creativity and beauty. In his first year as an intern […] the workload is crushing, the information flow seemingly unmanageable. […] After months of self-torment and vacillation, Dr. Jauhar […] discovers that he likes being a doctor and that, amazingly enough, he’s rather good at it. […] It is a remarkable transformation. Dr. Jauhar presented the American system of medical education with its stiffest test yet, and it passed with flying colors. Against the odds it turned him into a doctor." – William Grimes, NY Times

"Intern is an excellent, well-written book in which Sandeep Jauhar describes his first 2 years of internship and residency in internal medicine at New York Hospital. […] Intern is more than simply a reminiscence of a difficult time, however. As Jauhar describes his experiences, he provides a window into the world of the resident that can give us important insights into the difficulties of this training and the ways in which it can be unsafe and dehumanizing." – New England Journal of Medicine

Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking

Author: Malcolm Gladwell

"I'm impressed. Here we have a guy who has already written one of the best and most successful nonfiction books of the past few years, the ubiquitous ''Tipping Point.'' […] And he's opened his new book with a crisp anecdote that suggests each of us possesses a hidden power, which we could use to improve our lives if only we knew how to tap it more fully. That's the essential formula for self-help-book greatness. I'm ready to be sucked in. […] ''Blink'' moves quickly through a series of delightful stories, all about the backstage mental process we call intuition. […] ''Blink'' is part of a wave of books on brain function that are sweeping over us as we learn more about the action inside our own heads. This literature is going to have a powerful effect on our culture." – David Brooks, NY Times

Article Recommendation

"Lessons From a Mentor: When the Science Is Not Enough"

William S. Shimp

Published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Volume 28(19), July 2010
Published online (May 2010)

"To this day, I can say that I have never witnessed a more tender and poignant moment in oncology. […] On that day, my mentor showed me that it is okay to remain human and vulnerable in the privilege of caring for the most courageous people we will ever meet. While I always knew I needed to bring my best science-based game to the care of my patients, he showed me how the human element pervades everything we do, and we must attend to that." – Shimp, 2010

"Oncology Fellows’ Career Plans, Expectations, and Well-Being: Do Fellows Know What They Are Getting Into?"

Authors: Tait D. Shanafelt, Marilyn Raymond, Leora Horn, Tim Moynihan, Frances Collichio, Helen Chew, Michael P. Kosty, Daniel Satele, Jeff Sloan and William J. Gradishar

Published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, Volume 32(27), September 2014
Published online (July 2014)

"Purpose: To evaluate the career plans, professional expectations, and well-being of oncology fellows compared with actual experiences of practicing oncologists. Methods: US oncology fellows taking the 2013 Medical Oncology In-Training Examination (MedOnc ITE) were invited to participate in an optional postexamination survey. The survey evaluated fellows' career plans and professional expectations and measured burnout, quality of life (QOL), fatigue, and satisfaction with work-life balance (WLB) using standardized instruments. Fellows' professional expectations and well-being were compared with actual experiences of US oncologists assessed simultaneously. Results: Of the 1,637 oncology fellows in the United States, 1,373 (83.9%) took the 2013 MedOnc ITE. Among these, 1,345 (97.9%) completed the postexamination survey. The frequency of burnout among fellows decreased from 43.3% in year 1 to 31.7% in year 2 and 28.1% in year 3 (P < .001). Overall, the rate of burnout among fellows and practicing oncologists was similar (34.1% v 33.7%; P = .86). With respect to other dimensions of well-being, practicing oncologists had lower fatigue (P < .001) and better overall QOL scores (P < .001) than fellows but were less satisfied with WLB (P = .0031) and specialty choice (P < .001). Fellows' expectations regarding future work hours were 5 to 6 hours per week fewer than oncologists' actual reported work hours. Levels of burnout (P = .02) and educational debt (P ≤ .004) were inversely associated with ITE scores. Fellows with greater educational debt were more likely to pursue private practice and less likely to plan an academic career. Conclusion: Oncology fellows entering practice trade one set of challenges for another. Unrealized expectations regarding work hours may contribute to future professional dissatisfaction, burnout, and challenges with WLB.” – Shanafelt et al., 2014



Dr. Kerry Savage

Why is Dr. Kerry Savage Mentor of the Month?

Dr. Savage received her BSc in Biology (Genetics) and her M.D. from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  She completed an Internal Medicine residency at the University of Western Ontario in London, Ontario, and a Medical Oncology residency at the British Columbia Cancer Agency (BCCA) in Vancouver.

After her clinical training, Dr. Savage did a two year post-doctoral research fellowship at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute under the direction of Dr. Margaret Shipp. During this time she was a Clinical Instructor at the Harvard School of Medicine and completed a MSc in Epidemiology from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Dr. Savage currently holds the rank of Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia and is a staff medical oncologist at the BCCA. She is board certified in Internal Medicine and Medical Oncology and is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. Her research interests include clinical and translational studies in PTCLs, DLBCL including PMBCL, as well as Hodgkin lymphoma.

Dr. Savage is an invited reviewer for several journals and has authored or co-authored over 60 papers, and numerous book chapters and reviews.

Dr. Savage was nominated by Dr. Roopesh Kansara: "Dr. Kerry Savage is a mentor par excellence. She treats her fellows like colleagues, is extremely knowledgeable, and is a world renowned lymphoma physician and a great patient advocate. Her patients are extremely lucky, because they can be assured that she will go that extra mile just to make sure they get the best of care. If I can even become half of what she is, then my mission will be accomplished!" – Dr. Kansara (Fellow, BC Cancer Agency)

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SAVE THE DATE: Best of Oncology East 2014

Register now for the Best of Oncology East 2014 Conference, taking place on November 21st, 2014 in Toronto, Ontario. This conference will highlight clinical trials for multiple disease sites, as well as discuss current standards of care and controversies for a variety of malignancies.

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  • 21-Nov-2014
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  • 6-Dec-2014 to 9-Dec-2014
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    Austin, TX, USA

  • 6-Dec-2014 to 9-Dec-2014
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    San Francisco, CA, USA

  • 9-Dec-2014 to 14-Dec-2014
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